Audio Mastering is the final stage of the music creation process, in which the final mixes are processed by a mastering engineer and assembled into a CD ready for duplication.  Through these processors, the music is fine-tuned to meet today’s music industry standards.  Equalization, compression, and maximizing are all applied to give the music its peak to full scale ratio and frequency spread, while also giving it its necessary punch and clarity.

99% of tracks need mastering in some way, from the basic leveling of
the tracks to extreme eq and compression and anything in-between! All
major releases are mastered so if a track isn’t mastered, it will
likely not have the presence of sound to compete on the radio or an
mp3 player against other tracks.


As well as the objectives described above, mastering also serves many other purposes.  Because songs are mixed separately, many will have different frequency spectra and peak levels.  Through the right equalization and compression, these differences can be rectified, so that the ear is not subjected to any startling changes between song transitions.  The song order can be finalized, any silence between songs can be adjusted, and songs can be overlapped, if desired.  Sections of a song can be cut if it is determined a song is too long, and any noise between tracks can be reduced.


Here at CD Mastering NYC, we use the highest quality mastering technology, utilizing the best of both analog and digital worlds.


Our experienced engineers have the trained ear necessary to utilize the full frequency spectrum and dynamic range available to ensure the best playback reproduction from any music player.  We will work with you and your budget to supply you with a finished product ready for radio play. 
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